SkinRxClinic products burnt and scarred my face

Sturgis, South Dakota 1 comment

Used their microdermabrasion in the passed without incident.Then they added glycolic acid.

Used it and it burned and scarred my face. Requested the old formula or a much more gentle formula. Tara agreed to formulate a more gentle formula. Charged me and when I got it found it was exactly the same as the one that burnt me, what an ***.

Would only refund if I paid to send the product back.

Had the nerve to tell me I was the only one with a problem.Did a search and found tons of people have been damaged by their products.

Have also used their eye creams, useless......

Review about: Microdermabrasion Peel.



I'm sorry you had a bad experience.I had my face scarred by a supposed lunch time peel done by a nurse at a reputable plastic surgeon's office.

I use glycolic acid from SkinRX and have for years. I do my own peels. I found the instructions very explicit about going slow with these procedures.

You have to be careful and start with a low strength product.I feel that they gave me plenty of warning about that.

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